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Goot Essa Cheeses:

Goot Essa Cheeses available at ReflectionsGoot EssaGoot Essa, which means “good food” in the Amish dialect, is a group of Plain Pennsylvania dairy farmers formed in 2001. The members make foods with recipes and methods handed down from generation to generation. We want you to share in our love of good, old fashioned, country style food.

Although often called “Pennsylvania Dutch”, they prefer to call themselves Plain People. They are Amish, Brethren and Mennonites descend from German-Swiss Anabaptist who came to America over 200 years ago.

The food products are made with all natural ingredients and no added preservatives. Liz Thorpe, Vice President of Murray’s Cheese in Manhattan, highly recommends Goot Essa cheese in her book The Cheese Chronicles (Harper Collins, 2009). Goot Essa cheese is an artisanal cheese* in the true sense.

Goot Essa cheese is shipped only when it reaches its maximum flavor peak. We want to offer real flavor, made the old fashioned way in small quantities, with individual attention that makes a selection for your table or a gift for a friend so much more meaningful.

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Goot Essa Farm Select
Goot Essa Cheddar and Spice Basket
Goot Essa Old Tyme Fudge
Goot Essa Sweet Dreams Basket

Goot Essa Cheeses Evening Basket
Goot Essa Cheeses Individual Basket
Goot Essa Cheeses Sunrise Basket
Goot Essa Small Remembrance Basket


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